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Scottish artist Hilary Degnan now living in Milan started creating her work in 2020.


A Graphic Designer for the past 30 years, it was a walk through the Italian woods of Madesimo that finally confirmed her desire to spend less time at the computer and become a hands on artist. 

She now embraces life as an artist, and she’s never looked back.


Hilary’s work combines found natural objects with hand printed birds to create unique and original mixed media artwork.

‘I fell in love with the bird woodblock print and by combining it with the material gathered from the wood’s floor I felt I was somehow returning it to its natural environment sometimes with surprising results, a piece of bark would become a cliff edge or a rock.’ 

Each bird is hand printed making her artwork, like the natural element unique.

‘Sometimes the bird prints crisp and clean, other times only part of it but that only adds to the natural feel I want.’ 

Hilary is now fulfilled personally and professionally as she pursues her passion.

‘Every time I’m out walking I’m looking for unique pieces that I can use - that’s the great thing about nature - the resources are endless!' 

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